Vestcap Investment Management was founded in 1988 with the goal of providing clients with highly personalized and attentive investment management services. Since then, our company has grown to serve more than 200 families and continues to add to its extensive high-net-worth clientele.

Our Approach

Catering to high net worth individuals who have spent a lifetime achieving financial independence, we employ a conservative investment philosophy with a long time horizon. We determine each client's needs and investment personality and then craft a personally suitable portfolio.

Our Team

Consisting of a number of diverse and experienced individuals, each committed to the principles of preserving and growing our clients' capital, the Vestcap team manages our clients’ assets the way we manage our own.

Why Vestcap

Managing the investment portfolios of high net worth clients is more than slavishly following the flavor of the day. It is all about utilizing the collected experience of our investment team to create an investment portfolio then can meet the long-term needs of each of our clients. At Vestcap we pride ourselves on being investment councellors, providing our clients with a level of independent and transparent service that only years of experience can produce.

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