Our Philosophy

Conservative - Our portfolios are constructed with an emphasis on long-term total returns. Security selections are generally large cap dividend paying companies that have a superior record of management expertise in established sectors of the global economy.

Contrarian - In constructing portfolios we look to sectors that are cyclically out of favour but are large and financially secure. Meaningful capital gains are available if the entry point is low and long term value exists for both the sector and the security in question. Our contrarian approach means we are not much influenced by the "popular view of the day".

Safety - We make careful deliberate decisions as to sector weightings and make limited commitments to any one security. We closely monitor our holdings and make the changes to ensure our portfolios are appropriate for the current economic climate. The hallmark of a Vestcap portfolio is its low volatility.

At Vestcap, we deliver highly competitive returns throughout all market cycles, with an investment philosophy that focuses on capital preservation and wealth creation while striving to maintain low volatility.